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PHOTOSTORY: Cyborg Safari in Cocobat Country (reprint)

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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2006 9:53 pm    Post subject: PHOTOSTORY: Cyborg Safari in Cocobat Country (reprint) Reply with quote

This is actually my 1st unposted attempt at a photo story from 2005.

Well as many of you may – OR MAY NOT know.

In Japan there lived Two Brothers. Kenichi & his younger brother Kengo Katagai. Aside from the connection to Takara and the Cyborg, the Katagai brothers were also known as being rugged adventurers and were world renowned for their grand safari Adventures. (Well before that sort of thing became passé anyway).

Several months back, Kengo was off at boarding school and trying to entertain himself when who should appear but his old pal TINTIN.

TinTin was a famous Belgian explorer and clasped in TinTin’s hand was a rolled piece of parchment.

TinTin told Kengo:
"Kengo, our friend Takeshi in Japan just sent us an unusual map!
A map to COCOBAT country! A land of Mysterious Crocodiles"
This map (and the great Katagai family Networking skills) would surly lead them on a great safari adventure – or at least kill a few hours of boredom in the process.
Well it would have if TinTin did not have homework to do.
TinTin suggested “Perhaps you could call your older Brother.”

Older Brother Kenichi (who was knee deep in a Top Secret company project that was going nowhere) was in the perfect state of mind for some escapist fun.

Kenichi checked his schedule and after a little reworking said he would join his brother to research the mysterious reptiles.

After changing out of his Work clothes and into his AMAZING SAFARI costume, Kenichi Katagai consulted his friend, renowned big game hunter Commander McBragg, to learn what sort of adventure to expect.

"Well Old Boy if you are talking about Cocobat country, this a very dangerous journey indeed.
Very few men have ever come back from there alive.
You should consult with our old friend INDY before attempting such a journey"

Katagi found this all very intriguing and seeing as he had nothing better to do decided a little perilous brush with death would do him some good.

On his way to meet Kenichi, Kengo stopped to visit explorer Lara Croft.

Lara told Kengo,
"I have had no time for adventure anymore. My life is just filled with 12 hour days on set and with making all the videogames, well there is just never enough time in the day."

"Have you seen my latest film? Dear boy you must see my latest film. Well, I haven’t time to talk, but I found this Sacred Dokuro Mask while scouting out locations for my next two films.
Perhaps it has magical powers, It would make a great decoration back at school. Well if all else fails, it might impress your friends."

Meanwhile Kenichi was busy checking with his comrades as well.

Kenichi, You will need a guide. I have someone in mind who knows crocodiles like the back of his hand. Also lest I forget, I have something for you. A Sacred Idol that was uncovered from the very ground that your company was built upon.
I’ve been carrying this around in my sack meaning to give it to you for some time. Maybe you will find a use for it. "

With artifacts in tow, The brothers rushed to meet famous crocodile expert Steve Irwin for his experience with Crocodiles and would be their expert guide on the safari.

"Well you see the Crocodile he’s quite a character.

You need be very careful when going through these swamps if you are not an expert such as myself..

Dangerous Cybernetic Organisms are luring everywhere in these swamps. Elequebird warriors ready to strike at every turn!

Only with a trained guide can you expect to explore without being detected."


"Wait, I think I have just the thing to grab the attention of a tribe of CYBERNETIC Organisms!"

"Behold – I give to you the great Golden Henshin Idol. "

"We the Elequebird are most humbled by your generous Gift and appreciation of the Great Cyborg God.

We wish you well upon your journey and many thanks to you."

"Friend, if perchance you are looking to view the native Crocodile population of this swamp, just hike about 4 miles south…"

After a short hike our adventures stumbled upon a very interesting find.

"Erm, could those be the CROCODILES, Steve?"

"Oi! Right you are mate! If you look closely you can see the native Crocodiles next to those Alien reptile creatures over there.

Waa? ALIEN REPTILE Creatures?? Blimey, I don’t remember them being here! That certainly is peculiar, isn't it?"

"Stand Aside, I think can handle this!", said Kengo.

"Really fellas, I can handle it!

Yeesh, this is getting a little too close there fellas. You're creepin' me out"

The Crocodile masks were quickly removed to reveal Kengo's friends from the Japanese Punk band Cocobat!

"Kengo!" Shouted his bespeckled friend Takeshi.
"Yeah Just us man. Great to see you! Brilliant mask by the way!
Not as cool as ours though! This must be your Brother then!"

"Kenichi, Fear not we be but mere cybernetic Japanese Rock Musicians.
On our days off, we have taken to wearing unusual animal costumes for no apparent reason.
Since we happened to be in the neighborhood ,We decided to get a closer look at the crocs and forgot to take off our costumes. You know how it is.
Hope we didn’t frighten anyone!"
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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 8:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great to see this one again, Guy. I can't believe you ever shelved it. I just noticed McBragg looks like he is about to pleasure himself.
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